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The whole world is looking for a new ideology of the future and cannot find it. However, a secret is hidden in the depths of Moldovan history, which can open the way to the future of all mankind.

Mazur Svyatoslav Vladimirovich

Dear comrades, friends! Today, when the whole world is looking for a way out of the current situation on our Earth and global structures are trying to find a new ideology that could provide answers to the challenges posed to all of humanity, one small republic can solve all these problems on its own, without anyone else's help. Having a hard experience of survival behind us, our Moldova is able to get from its depths, from the bins, the most important experience that helped our ancestors in the hopeless situation of occupation to solve problems that today are beyond the power of all mankind to solve.

I am not afraid to say that we, the multinational Moldovan people, have a secret that can instantly reformat the entire world community. And today I will gladly launch into real life a process that, undoubtedly, in the very near future will reformat the entire world community and force it to elevate the status of the Moldovan state from the poorest peripheral to the level of the main and only center of the planet, capable today of giving all mankind a real opportunity to realize the meaning of the events taking place not only on Earth, but also in the universe.

The beginning of the life of any nation begins with its state symbols. Even in ancient times, Confucius laid out the concept of victory with his saying: signs and symbols rule the world, not words and laws. Our people say it is simpler: as you call a ship, so it will sail.

Where did this devastation come from among our people, both in our heads and in our lives? Why did the multinational Moldovan people turn from the owner of their land, from the proud winner of the times of Stefan the Great into a beggar who is fed by foreign donors?

According to Confucius, it becomes clear why the Moldavian state attracts the spirit of war and devastation alien to the people. Why do we today balance on the level of death, and do not develop, as it should be according to the highest will of God.

The answer comes by itself. We raised on our victorious banner of Stefan the Great an alien symbolism of Ancient Rome - the sovereign eagle. But all the states that raise this symbol on their banner are necessarily included in the circle of conquerors and aggressors. We have lost our self-identity, so we have become cannon fodder. After all, Ancient Rome was accustomed to slave labor and a slave army. So today we are reaping the fruits of a revolution of dignity, but in fact a revolution of deceit, when instead of the original Moldavian symbols of Stefan the Great, we were given the symbols of a peripheral state of the Ancient Roman Empire. Well, exactly what Confucius says was fulfilled - signs and symbols rule the world, and not the word and the law.
Our peace-loving people, after this forgery, fell into a cognitive dissonance, which is finally killing them today.

So what are we to do? How to get out of the current situation? How to overcome the death of the people?

This is exactly what I would like to talk about.

The symbol of the life and prosperity of the Moldovan people has always been the golden flower of God the Father Almighty, an ancient symbol of eternal life on Earth. In order for the life on the farm of the peasant to be happy and rich, our ancestors depicted this symbol on their gates - the flower of life, and decorated the upper part of the gate with flowers carved from stone or wood. Such seemingly simple work enabled the owner of his household to start the process of building a new world, not like all the surrounding reality. The one who took the golden flower of God the Father Almighty as the basis of his life, he launched into his life the life-giving forces of heaven, which in turn gave the owner of such a yard both good harvests and a correct understanding of life.

You can find confirmation of my words in the history of our people, in its culture and art.

It turns out to be a very simple thing. If instead of the sovereign Roman eagle, which brings war and destruction to the Moldovan people, and in fact death, we take on our banner the symbol of eternal life - the ancient flower of our ancestors, we will be able to revive the sacred life of our people and direct it in the right direction of development.

Of course, in order to do this, it is necessary to carry out explanatory work with the multinational people living on our sacred land, and then, I am sure that life in our state will improve.

Today, before your eyes are the symbol of the new Moldavian state - this is the symbol of the New Moldavian World Order.

Moldova Mare - Great Moldova is the only and main center of the planet Earth, in which the Earth and Heaven united into a single connection, thereby realizing the idea that is written in the Our Father prayer: “Thy Kingdom come; May Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” That is, what the multinational people of Moldova have suffered and worked for so long has come to pass. But our next speakers will tell you about this in detail.

Mazur Sergey Svyatoslavovich

I, Mazur Sergey Svyatoslavovich, am one of the founders of the Translotos Charitable Foundation. Our charitable foundation was specially created in order to realize the idea of God - to save all mankind and raise the multinational Moldovan people to the pedestal of absolute power on Earth. To do this, I had to go a long way to study the culture of the multinational Moldovan people, their history. By the way, during the execution of the thesis, and later conducting scientific and research activities, it was possible to find indisputable evidence of the uniqueness of Moldova. In its monuments of architecture, painting and sculpture.

And, now that the world of truth has triumphed, I have taken up a new project and it is completely connected with the deciphering of the mystery of the Divine level, associated with the name of God the Father Almighty. In order to realize such a secret, it is necessary to have a special vision and the ability to immerse yourself in the mysteries of the universe.

Look at the banner. Where did this sign come from?

The fact is that the six-pointed lotus is a sign of God, meaning love or heart. But it is located in the center of a kind of cross, which in turn consists of four equilateral triangles. Quadrangles or triangles are the signs that form the fundamental basis of the Divine world. And since it is impossible to change them and break the configuration, they always depict the figure of eternal life. And now we see that these triangles are inscribed in a circle. The circle means the universe. A square is the Earth or the fourth level of reality, but four triangles connected by one point mean the cardinal directions directed to a single point, more precisely centripetal energy that accumulates in a single center.

So let's sum up what has been said. Where can one find such a sign, where four triangles are directed to a single point, and from this point a golden six-pointed flower of life of God the Father Almighty grows. Such a sign exists in Butuceni, in Old Orhei, exactly in the place where Earth and Sky are united into a single connection. But you will object and say that there is no such sign. That there is a stone cross in the center of which is a six-pointed lotus - the flower of life. But there are no triangles that would point to this center.

The fact is that there is such a principle in psychology. If you want to hide something from human eyes, put this item in the most visible place under the lantern. And no one will look there. Not everyone knows that a cross consisting of triangles is depicted on the reverse side of the stone cross, and if we superimpose the drawing of the lotus of the flower of life, depicted in front of the cross, on the drawing, which is depicted behind the cross, we will get a clue to the most important secret of the universe. This secret enables the multinational Moldovan people to launch the process of building the New Moldovan World Order. But for this, of course, it is necessary to change the symbolism of the people. It is necessary to remove the symbol of war, the symbol of Ancient Rome - the sovereign eagle, from the state flag of Moldova and place the flower of eternal life, the flower of God the Father Almighty, which brings happiness and prosperity to our people, into the liberated space. And at the same hour the world on Earth will change for the better.

Let's summarize what has been said. Our charitable foundation Translotos was specially created in order to turn the idea hidden in the depths of Moldovan history into reality today.

Well, now about the main thing. The six-pointed lotus, the flower of life, is always depicted in two dimensions. But why did the Moldavians carve a flower out of stone on the gates in ancient times in volume, like a sculpture? The fact is that the world of the Earth, like the entire manifested cosmos, consists of energy and information. Our ancestors intuitively approached the image of this lotus in volume, thus creating constant energy generators that interacted with the outside world, making it possible to receive free energy sent by God.

This method of obtaining energy and information has been forgotten but not lost. Therefore, we began to explore the phenomenon of interaction between the geometric shapes of squares and equilateral triangles in order to get the possibility of direct interaction with the Creator through the forms that existed in our people in ancient times. And we were able to achieve this perfection.

A form of an ideal cosmic flower was created, in which four six-pointed flowers of life connected with each other in four-dimensional space, focusing energy and information into a single point, where it is possible to be simultaneously in the past, in the present, and in the future. That is, we managed to unravel the main secret of the multinational Moldovan people, and patent the resulting form as our discovery. Now the main path to the future has opened before us, something that not one corporation, not one people, not one dictator in the world has been able to achieve. We have been given the opportunity to take control of eternal life. To do this, it is necessary to create 144 thousand such installations on Earth. We called them synchroresonators. But another participant of our conference will tell you more about them.

Shova Alexander Vasilevich

I, Shova Alexander Vasilevich, am one of the founders of the "TransConstructInvest",
at the stage of calculating the necessary materials and structures, the question arose of creating an organization in Moldova that could, according to a patented form, build 144,000 synchroresonators on our planet, which would be able to create on Earth a system of eternal life, the system that our ancestors dreamed of, in in which the past, present and future are located at a single point, which means that they can be controlled from a single center. And today this center is located on the site of the former Republican stadium of the city of Chisinau. It is there that it is planned to build the main temple of God the Father Almighty, with the help of which it will be possible to control the network of synchroresonators built around the world.

According to our preliminary calculations, the cost of building 144,000 synchroresonators is 100 billion dollars or euros. That's about one-eighth of the Pentagon's military budget. I think it's a small price to pay for eternal life on planet Earth.

Of course, the construction of the Temple of God the Father Almighty itself will require additional investments from the entire world community, but one must understand that the secret of the multinational Moldovan people concerns all people of good will living on our planet. Control over the future will allow us to get rid of harmful emissions on Earth and from diseases. We will be able to receive free energy of outer space in unlimited quantities and transfer it to those points on our planet where it will be especially needed.

Thus, we will create a single connection between peoples, and such an order of good development emanating from Moldova has never existed on Earth, just like it was not possible to achieve the possibility of transition to a four-dimensional space. But the fact of the matter is that the very idea of eternal life and good development has lived in the genetic memory of the Moldovan people for a long time, and the time has come to translate it into reality today.

I personally do not see any problems in its implementation. We need the good will of the multinational Moldovan people, and, of course, the choice of all mankind, because Moldova Mare is the heart of our planet, and the heart beats for all mankind as a whole.

We created an organization called "TransConstructInvest". We have already prepared the necessary documentation for the construction of synchroresonators. Materials counted.
There is little left - to get funding and start building a prototype. I am sure that there is no other way for humanity to develop, and the fact that the multinational Moldovan people have preserved in their depths the very idea of the development of the world is an undeniable miracle that must be translated into reality.

Your attention is a short video dedicated to the synchroresonator.

Appeal to the peoples of the world

According to the will of the people of Moldova, we, who have gathered at the conference dedicated to the main secret of the multinational Moldovan people, appeal to you, people of good will!

In our hands is a unique opportunity to change the course of history on Earth and take personal control of the past, present and future. If we miss this opportunity, our planet will perish. Saving peace on Earth is our duty.

The multinational Moldovan people have kept their secret, carried it through the centuries to our time. The future of our children and the planet as a whole depends on how we manage it.

So let's unite in a single work to save the planet. I am sure that only universal human work to save the planet is able to unite the world into a single whole and give it the most important last chance for salvation.

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